diy: fold-over elastic hairties

Fold-over elastic (FOE) hairties were new to me until a couple months ago when I saw them popping up on Pinterest and Etsy. And since then I’ve seen these cute, ribbon hair ties in Old Navy, Sephora, Rexall… the list goes on.

Sure, they are cute, easy on your hair and won’t leave a crease but I can’t believe how expensive they are in-store. A friend (Hi Erin!) tipped me off to an Etsy supplier who sold the FOE ribbon in bulk and a diy project was born!

The project is very simple and the results are fabulous.

What you’ll need: FOE, a ruler, clear nail polish, scissors.
Measure each hair tie to 8″ and cut.
Fold over once and focus the knot towards the cut edges. Pull tightly!
Trim the edges on an angle or flat.

Next, I took the clear nail polish to the raw edges of the ribbon to prevent future tearing and voila – a beautiful set of ribbon hair ties.


The total cost of this project was $9 and I was able to create 20 hair ties. To compare, the Sephora Set is $13 and you are only purchasing 8 hair ties.

Thank you to Ribbonaira for providing such a great product! I would definitely recommend this Etsy shop to anyone shopping for FOE and looking to create their own hair ties.


4 thoughts on “diy: fold-over elastic hairties

  1. Nice! I tried doing these once but mine didn’t turn out as good as yours. Good diy tutorial though, it makes me want to try again.


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