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watercolour effect stationery

Watercolour effect invitations are modern, vibrant and definitely fun and I’ve designed a number of stationery suites in this style.

Before I go on… does anyone have any tips on remembering when stationary or stationery is the correct spelling? And it’s or its? And maybe a rhyme on the correct spelling of necessary? What about definitely? I digress…

While I don’t plan on using a watercolour effect on my own wedding invitations as I’m thinking something more classic; my bridal shower invitations are where I felt I could be a little more bold.


In my own shower invitation and other watercolour designs, I typically use an image of a watercolour splash and overlay with script text. I think a contrast of white text on a darker splash of colour has major impact.

Some designers paint a true watercolour effect as an accent on their invitations – I can only wish to be so talented (and patient). If you are interested, I’ve found a tutorial on exactly how to diy this!

If you think watercolour invitations are something you may be interested in for your own special event, I’ve compiled some creative inspiration of other watercolour designs – let me know what you think!





2 thoughts on “watercolour effect stationery

  1. A few tips: The ‘e’ version of stationery you can mail…in an ‘e’nvelope; If ‘it is’ doesn’t make sense in your sentence, use ‘its’; Necessary is tricky…but you can pretend the ‘c’ makes the hard ‘c’ sound, like neck-essary…just don’t leave in the ‘k’, that’s a whole new spelling problem; Spell ‘definite’, then add ‘ly’. All done.


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