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diy: wood wedding sign

I’ve always love wooden wedding signs  that welcome guests to the big event. And by ‘always’ I mean since I discovered Pinterest…

I think these signs are a perfect mix of rustic and glam; bonus points if draped with garland!


Once I started planning my wedding, I knew I wanted one of these custom signs as part of the decor. I started searching on etsy and I was hard-pressed to find quality signs that cost less than $250. And so a diy project was born!

I used the following materials to create my own custom sign:

  • 36″ x 20″ Project Panel from Home Depot (approx. $25)
  • Mini can of Minwax Stain (approx. $12)
  • Torn t-shirt for staining
  • White Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Pen
  • Chalk

I started by staining the project panel using an old t-shirt to rub in the stain. It was actually my first time staining but I had some guidance from a handy fiance! It only took a few coats to get a nice rich colour and I let the stain dry for a few days.

And check out our diy workbench on top of some recycling bins – ha!


Next up was the stenciling which I truly had no idea how I was going to tackle without using a projector. But I found this tutorial on Something Turquoise which was a life saver.

I started by printing out what I wanted on the sign on normal copy paper and taped the paper together to get my desired size.

I traced the letters with my chalk which was basic $1 chalk from Michael’s. Make sure to put a white piece of paper underneath as shown. Tracing on a dark surface was difficult.


I flipped the paper back over and placed onto the sign exactly where I wanted it. I taped the sign in place, and traced the letters with an unsharpened pencil. This transferred the chalk to the sign.


Once you lift the paper, you will have a chalk outline of your design. At this point, I started tracing the chalk outline with my Sharpie, taking my time on each letter. Patience is not my strong suit but I had to put it to work for this project!


I applied three coats of the Sharpie pen and stopped there. I may add more if I see some fading closer to the wedding day but overall I am thrilled with the sign!


I spent approximately $40 on this project instead of $250+ I could’ve spent on on custom-made design. I can’t wait to display the sign on our wedding day… propped on an easel and draped with garland of course!


11 thoughts on “diy: wood wedding sign

  1. Can you tell me what font you used for the “Welcome”? I love this by the way! It’s going to save me so much money on my wedding!!


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