selecting the perfect bridesmaids dresses

Before I was engaged, I admired bridal parties with the oh-so-popular, mismatched, yet perfectly coordinated, bridesmaids dresses. It was a style I had hoped to one day execute with my own beautiful bridesmaids.

At first, I thought I would have each bridesmaid choose a style that flattered their body within a range of colour.

mismatched dresses

But then I chickened out – what if my vision didn’t come to life how I thought it would? What if one bridesmaids choice was a more-than-a-little off palette? So then I thought to have the bridesmaids choose their own style, within a specific colour by a specific brand.


But then my mind-changed again, what if 3 of the 4 girls wanted one specific style? Would that give me the mismatched bridal party I always thought I wanted?

I realize these are very small details that seem tedious in the grand scheme of things and this post definitely makes me sound super controlling… But they are the type of questions that ran through my mind while trying to create a vision.

Finally, I decided on one style for all the girls – simple, elegant, classic.


Not my bridal party but gorgeous, matching dresses! Source

We went shopping together to select our bridesmaids dresses in January of this year – a full 10 months before the wedding. As a planner, I was happy to give myself some buffer incase a dress came in in the wrong colour and gives some time for the girls to choose their shoes.

To still execute my vision of some ‘mismatched-ness’ with the bridesmaids, I am encouraging the girls to select the shoes and accessories of their choice.

Let the personal style shine!


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