my experience selecting a wedding venue

To me, our wedding venue was going to set the tone for the wedding so initially, aesthetic-appeal was top of mind (I’m a graphic designer – I can’t help it!). Location and budget were also important, but there are many more factors that will help you select your wedding venue. I’ve compiled some thoughts I learned along the way when… Continue reading my experience selecting a wedding venue


diy: fold-over elastic hairties

Fold-over elastic (FOE) hairties were new to me until a couple months ago when I saw them popping up on Pinterest and Etsy. And since then I’ve seen these cute, ribbon hair ties in Old Navy, Sephora, Rexall… the list goes on. Sure, they are cute, easy on your hair and won’t leave a crease but I can’t believe how expensive they… Continue reading diy: fold-over elastic hairties